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Kaloti Precious Metals is a global leader in integrated precious metals solutions. With over 25 years in the business, the Kaloti brand name is now synonymous with quality and purity. We offer comprehensive solutions across the entire value chain. This includes specializing in everything from bullion, mined and scrap gold funding, assaying, refining, recovery of precious metals, right through to the finished products – whether beautiful commercial bullion, minted bars and coins, or handcrafted pieces of jewellery. We also offer services for hedging and physical trading 24h/7 days a week, as well as logistics services. Headq ...

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Kaloti Precious Metals



We are pleased to announce that Kaloti Gold Testing Laboratories are rated number one in Proficiency Testing Program-2017 conducted by Dubai Municipality for the testing of gold in gold jewellery alloys.   

Also, Kaloti Gold Testing Laboratories are the first in private sector to have achieved ISO 17025:2005 lab accreditation system by EIAC/ DAC in the field of Precious Metals Analysis (BS ISO 11426:2016). 











All SEC Related enquires for US based companies, please e-mail to sec.enquiries@kalotipm.com