Kaloti Precious Metals

Reliability of products and services and seamless customer support are at the heart of our business philosophy. We take pride in the fact that Kaloti is perceived to be a hallmark of quality and purity in the precious metals industry.

We cater to a wide variety of customers on a global scale. With our fully integrated precious metals services and our global presence, we create maximum value for our customers seeking gold testing, refining services, trading / brokerage, and value added services. Through our highly efficient initial preliminary purity testing and logistics services, we eliminate the hassle of shipping the gold to the refinery thereby removing geographic boundaries between our customers and our products and services.

Customers include:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Bullion & Jewellery Wholesalers & Traders
  • Mines
  • Gold Refiners
  • Investors
  • Government Agencies
  • Global Refiners
  • End Consumers

Kaloti CRM team aligns all our functions with a purely customer centric approach enhancing customer experience and building long lasting business relationships with our valued customers. Our highly trained and multilingual customer facing staff removes the language barrier in customer interactions and provides value to the customers by understanding their expectations.


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Account Opening 

Kaloti Precious Metals, with its large customer based in UAE and across the global, Provides easy options for Prospective and future clients to engage in our world-class business relations through our e-registration procedure. Customers must download, fill out and affix their signature and stamp on each page. Upon completion, you can email the form to our CRM department (dubai.crm@kalotico.com) for processing.


Kindly refer to the link below for more information.

 Account Opening Form


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Customer Requirement

A.  Account Opening Form (ORIGINAL COPY)

B. Trade License

C. Memorandum and Article of Association (MOA) / Share Register

D. Passport copy of all beneficial owners/authorized signatories for the account

E. Personal Utility Bill (i,e. water bill,electric bill, bank detail, lease agreement or any other document showing home address

F. For scrap jewellery and/or pure gold supply chain customers, please submit the following:

     F1. Sample of Invoices (at least 2-3) showing the purchased date and country of origin

            - should be dated at least 1 year from the date of this application

            - should submit for each country of origin

     F2. Source of Gold statement (sample format will be sent upon request)

G. For Dore (mine originated) bars supply chain customers, please submit the following:

     If you receive gold from mine supplier/owner

     -  Supplier's trade license

     - Supplier's Export license

     - Supplier's Menmorandum and Article of Association

     - Mines owner's Mining license (from which mine the gold come from)

     - Supplier's passport copies (all beneficial owners mentioned on MOA)

  If you are a mine owner

     - Mining License

     - Passport copy of mine owner 




  • We only accept documents in english and arabic. Document in other languages should be translated by a notary public.
  • These are the initial required document, other document might be requested accordingly if necessary.
  • Agreement/Contracts will be sent after compliance department has approved your application.
  • For more assistance/questions regarding yourapplication, please contract ourCRM department via email dubai.crm@kalotico.com or call +971-4-4486900






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Client Details

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Account Opening-FAQ


A. Account Opening Form:


1. There are some section on the form that doesn't  appply to our company, can i leaveit blank?

     No. you need to mark it as N/A if such questions/options doesn't apply.


2. I have more than 3 beneficial owners and/or authorized signatories for our company, what will i do?

    you can print multiple copies of page 3 (Person information) and pages 5 (specimen Signature)


3. Do I have to have person to be mentioned on the account opening form?

    No we only need the names of the individules who are mainly in charge of the account.


4. I am only an authorized person and not an owner of the company, what documents should I submit?

    You Need fill out the forms and mention that you are an authorized signatory.

    Also you need to provide an Authorization letter under company letterhead stating that you are

    authorized for the account  with signatures of all beneficial owner of the company.


5. I am a only a silent partners and the rest of partners will be the one in charge of the account, what

    documents should i submit?

    No need to fill out the account opening form but you need to submit your passport and an

    authorization letter (depending on the number of shares that you are having).


6. I am intrerested to do all type of business with your company, can i mark all options on section C?

    U need to mark only the option of the service/business that you want to do with us.

    marketing all option  would mean that required documents for each commodity type

    will be requested from your side. 


7. Our company is based outside UAE, do we have to send the ORIGINAL COPY of the

    Account Opening forms right away?

    No. The account forms are still subject for initial review. We Kindly request that you send a scanned

    copy  first to our CRM department (dubai.crm@kalotico.com. We will advise you when to send the

    original copy forms and otherdocument that are needed as original copy.


8. I am interested to open an account as an individual Entity. can i use the same form on your website?

    At the current time, we do not open an individual account.world-class business relations through our

    e-registration procedure. Customers must download, fill out and affix their signature and stamp

    on each page. upon completion, you can email the form to our CRM


9. I do not have an email address, can i open an account without it?

    No. it is mandatory to have an email since communications like

    updates, request,clarifications are done through email


10. I have some changes with our contact detail, Do i need to resubmit a new account opening form?

      No. you can submit a company letterhead stating your new contact detail with signature and

      company stamp on it.


B. Required Documents:


1. We have all the documents as per your list on the website, can we open the account immediately?

     No. The documents mentioned are still subject for review. there are still some documents that can

     be requested from your side upon initial receipt of your documents. Evalution of the account can be

     approved or rejected.


2. Our documents are not in English text , can we submit it accordingly?

     No.  We request that documents (expect Arabic) to be translated by a notary public.


3. Our country doesn't have a tradelicense, what can we submit?

     No. Each country  has diffrent set of documents. Generally, we require the business documets that

     proves  that you are legal to conduct such  services in precious metal trading, exporting or mining.


4.  Our Memorandum of Association (MOA) Contains company shareholders not individual shareholders,

     is a business license enough?

     No. We need to know all the umtimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) of the company regardless if they

     won't play a role on the account. we will be requesting trade licenseand passport copy of all UBO's.


5.  I am quite hesitant to submit my supplier documents. Is it really necessary?

     Yes As per DMCC and OECD guidelines, we need to know the origin from where the metal

     (e.g gold,silver...)is coming from. All documentsthat will be requested will only be utilized for

     compliace purposes only.


6. I have a few documents right now but the other documents are not available at the current time, can 

     we proceed with opening my account?

     No. We need all documents prior to opening your account.


 C. Account Opening Procedures:


1.  How long will it take for the review of my application to open an account?

     Once all documents are completely submitted (per confirmation from our side), please allow at least

     3-5 business days to complete the evalution of your application. 


2.  Can I Proceeds with any shipment with my supplier while the evalution of my account is it process?

     No. We will not be accepting any transaction for your company

     since you still have no account with us. 


3.  My application has been approved per the documents that i have submited? what is the next step?

     You will be advised by the assigned Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) for the next step on your



4. My application has been Rejected per the evalution process. can the decision be overturned with 

     submission of other documents? will I be able to know the reason of the rejection? 

     No. Decision will be final since the compliance team and the management have made the

     review on it. Rejecting an account doesn't base solely on the documents that was submitted

     but on the internal compliace criteria that the company is utilizing.

     We have a several factors that we evalution for clients who wants to open an account with us.


5.  I have an account already but there has been some changes when it comes to the nature of the

     business that i want to do with my account, what document do you need from us?

     You need to contact your assigned CRM so that they can advise you accordingly. do not proceed

     with any shipment/transaction since it will be put on hold from our side without the receipt of

     the required document.


6. I have a lot of question on my your process. Whom should i call?

     For more assistance/questions regarding your application, please contact our CRM department

     via email dubai.crm@kalotico.com or call +971-4-4486900 




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