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Press Release by Government of Suriname


    The Government of the Republic of Suriname argues forcefully against the allegations of a recently published press release based on a report published by the American Non- Governmental “Center for a Secure Free Society” (SFS). The challenged article refers to Suriname as a criminal state in which drug related crime and money laundering occur in a large scale and that the gold refinery Kaloti Suriname Mint House (KSMH) serves as cover for practices of large scale money laundering for illegal flows of money .

    Kaloti managing director, Tjon Poen Gie, has already dismissed these accusations as a myth and experiences the article as a string of so many lies”. The article is inclined towards a very malicious attack and consciously blackening of the country, the government and a legitimate company of an internationally renowned chain of companies. Kaloti and subsidiary company KSMH internationally enjoy an excellent reputation. In Suriname the company operates under high quality control. KSMH is not selling gold but the company processes gold locally explored from their clients, in such a manner that an eminent, secure and transparent export from Suriname may occur. Last year a start was made by the company to offer companies, that are purchasing gold, offering it for export and exporting it by themselves, the masterclass series of mercury free gold treatment. In this manner a start was made for gold dealers to do business in accordance with the international standards. In this way the gold mining countries are in accordance with the Minamata Treaty obliged to provide the precious metal mercury free at the world market.

    The unfounded report has now been for so many times an attempt to destabilize Suriname, to isolate the people of Suriname internationally and to prevent potential investors by labelling the governmental leaders of the country as criminals. This is a sharp contrast against the attempts that the Government is making to effectively fight these matters by means of legislation and institutions that comply with national and international obligations,as indicated by, among others, the “Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce” (CFATF) in the struggle against practices of money laundering and financing of terrorism. In February of 2016 the Surinamese Parliament has adopted three laws that are clearly legally fitting in the prevention and struggle against money laundering and generating criminal finances, particularly the service providers of identification papers, Reporting Unusual Transactions and International Sanctions. Suriname has also presented a plan of action on the forum of the “Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce” (CFATF), which has provided a positive announcement in June 2016. The organization made the observation that Suriname had adjusted its rules and regulations in order to comply with the obligations established in a plan of action of countries from the region.

    Furthermore, there is a close cooperation with internationally renowned security forces that are a guarantee for prevention of practices stated earlier. Finally, it is observed that this kind of reporting is often a part of a larger scenery and the Government summons the people to be on the alert.

    The Press Officer of the Bureau of the President, Clifton Limburg, Signed.

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