Kaloti Precious Metals

Gold Refining

Kaloti Precious Metals is the largest refinery in the region and a leader in the precious metal industry in term of customer, service, reliability, efficiency and quality. Located in the emirate of Sharja, UAE; the factory has maintained a reputation for the highest standards of reliability in assaying, refining, and smelting. Our refinery produces and mints gold, silver, and platinum group metals. The Factory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery clubbed with an extremely professional team to refine and produce up to 1,000 kilo bars of gold per day. A combination of Italian and Swiss expertise oversees the delivery from raw materials to refined gold bars which are produced to 995 or 999.9% purity. Our products are widely accepted and traded by renowned international banks, bullion dealers, jewellery traders, and manufacturers across the world.

Our refining processes and end products are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality and reliability and ISO 14001 certified to environmental protection.

We take great pride in announcing that in 2014, Kaloti will achieve the landmark of completion of a new state-of-art refinery in Dubai which will be one of the largest refineries in the world with a capacity of refining up to 1,400 tons of gold and 600 tons of silver and other precious metals in addition to a mint department to produce minted bars, ingots, and coins. The new factory will employ latest gold electrolysis technology from Italy and Switzerland as well as the world-wide accepted aqua regia process for gold refining. The facility will also be the first refinery to implement Green Building Standards, stipulated by the Dubai Municipality and EHS.

In March 2013, Kaloti began construction works on Kaloti Suriname Mint House, a joint-venture with the Government of Suriname and local Suriname gold traders as the country’s first gold and precious metals refinery and bullion manufacturing plant. The refinery is expected to begin operations in mid-2014 while full production will commence in 2016 with an annual output of 60 tons of refined gold.

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Gold Assaying

Kaloti Precious Metals has full-service assaying laboratories in Sharjah, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Miami. Kaloti is considered one of the largest independent gold and silver assayers in the Middle East and the first gold and silver assaying laboratories in the UAE to be approved and awarded by the Dubai municipality. Our laboratories operate under Dubai Municipality Order no. 52. The laboratory uses Fire Assaying for large scale purity testing along with ICP machines. Our Dubai Laboratory is the first private laboratory in the field of gold analysis in Dubai to be ISO 17025 certified, which ensures the most reliable, precise and consistent results.

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Kaloti Precious Metals Group purchases gold from a variety of sources including sourcing directly from the mine (mine doré) right through to scrap metals and jewellery brought in by clients from around the word.

For more details on our Responsible Sourcing do read the information on our Sustainability.


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Kaloti Precious Metals specialises in all aspects of land, air, and sea movements of precious metals. We partner with industry leaders in the global precious metals logistics field, arrange transportation of all components across the supply chain, from raw materials through to the physical delivery of gold bars. This is handled by way of our own armed security vehicles and also by working with the leading third-party service providers like ArmourGuardBrinks, G4S or Loomis, and through contracts with some of the leading global carriers such as Etihad Airways Swissair, Qatar Airways, and KLM.

Lloyds of London provides the insurance against the Group’s worldwide shipments. We have a dedicated precious metals logistics team for handing precious metals logistics, integrating all elements of the supply chain with specialized processes to significantly reduce lead timesand assisting clients in tracking their deliveries.

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Kaloti Precious Metals Retail Investment Division of the group specialises in providing a wide range of retail investment products (from our mint house) and jewellery to the wholesale industry with a focus on the end consumer.

Our wholesale operation carries the Group's entire range of minted bars, coins, and medallions along with in-house jewellery, with lines which are designed to cater for a wide array of cultural preferences.

The Retail Investment Division also carries a large volume of imported gold and jewellery from countries across the world, including Italy, Bahrain, India, Hong Kong, China and Korea to ensure an abundance of choice.

For further details on our product offerings do use this Link.

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